The León Film Office is a technical office that forms part of the City Government of Leon. Its job is to help companies and producers working in the audio-visual sector who want to film anywhere in the city of Leon, and also to provide them with information about other parts of the province that might interest them.

The aim is to provide and facilitate the information they need to help them manage filming, whether in advertising, for television or cinema, and assist in projects that can benefit Leon.

Information, advice and management are the three concepts that underpin and define the office.


The Office has a directory available of local companies and professionals who can participate in projects of this nature and who are in great demand for their work in Leon. The directory contains basic information, including the details and location of each company. A simple registration form enables any interested company or professional to become a member and keep up all the necessary information up to date. The objective is to combine the technical and professional management processes that can complicate acceptance of projects of this nature.

The office plans to promote and attract projects by providing all the information, services and processes required to complete films, along with the services provided by the City Government itself. Write to the address below for locations and details of interest to help in organising and completing the projects.

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