Christmas in Leon has a special feeling: the street lights, the cold and the possibility of snow fill the children with excitement and create a magic atmosphere that everyone in the city can feel.

Festivals of a markedly religious and family oriented nature, at Christmas the shops adorn their displays to participate in the Christmas Decoration Competition, choirs fill the streets with carols and the Christmas Market attracts visitors from all over the province.

These are days to dream of a better future, to sing the traditional Ramo Leones, a celebration that has seen a resurgence in popularity, and to participate in all the events that the City Government and local groups and associations organise for this time of the year.

Christmas is when the International Festival of Magic takes place, a prestigious event that takes place in a multitude of cultural spaces, social centres, residences and hospitals.

But the most magical moment of all is when the Magi arrive, and Leon prepares for this day with meticulous detail, first receiving the Royal Postmen, who walk through the streets collecting children’s letters, and selecting the best letter of the competition to the 3 Wise Men. All the organisation starts to take shape on the evening of 5 January, when the Magi pass through the streets of the city in a large parade, accompanied by their courtiers, animals, gifts and a multitude of fantasy figures.