Leon has been a member of the Red de Destinos Turísticos Inteligentes (Smart Destinations Network) since it was created in 2018. An innovative tourist destination, built on a cutting-edge technological infrastructure that ensures sustainable development of the tourist map, that promotes universal accessibility, facilitates a visitor’s interaction and integration with the surroundings and increases the quality of their experience at the destination while improving local residents’ quality of life.

The aim of the Red DTI is to be a launch pad for changes in the tourist sector, led by Spain as a pioneer, to facilitate the transformation of the sector in response to the new needs of sustainability and accessibility through new models of governance, technology and innovation, while also guaranteeing quality, efficiency and effectiveness for both tourists and residents.


  • Promote the conversion of Spanish tourist destinations into smart destinations and enable them to form part of the network.
  • Encourage public-private collaboration in developing the products, services and activities provided by smart tourist destinations.
  • Contribute towards ensuring Spain’s leadership in smart tourism through activities organised by the network.
  • Guarantee the quality and further development of the smart destination network project.

For more information: Destino Turístico Inteligente