The portrait of the domestic life of an enlightened family in the 19th century and the educational function of the Sierra-Pambley Foundation are part of its twofold objective.

“Furniture design is much more important than it might appear. Take the example of what happens in private homes. Everything that contributes towards making them more useful, comfortable and pleasant helps to make one fond of them… The lack of care and concern for this sort of thing shown by undeveloped peoples (as is our case, especially amongst the middle classes) is one of the principal causes of such peoples having such a bare and impoverished family life” (F. Giner de los Ríos: Study of the industrial arts and literary letters).

This house in the cathedral square was built in the 1840s by Segundo Sierra-Pambley, and still has all the original furnishings: from the painted wallpaper and carpets, which back then were a novelty, to the furniture, fabrics, crockery and cutlery, the last of which includes some of the oldest silverwork in the region.

The decoration, with elements of the first wave of the historicist style, shows the early arrival and influences of European fashions, mainly French and to a lesser extent English.

The house design as a whole is harmonious and complete, and modern for its times, with notable features such as the industrialisation of bourgeois homes: comfortable furniture, improvements in lighting and heating, new materials such as gutta-percha, etc.

Visitors can see the house and discover the uses that each room was put to, who live in them and how they spent their time there.




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