“Leon’s Got Chemistry” takes you to the places where science has made its mark on the city over time. A set of locations where history, architecture and chemistry have bloomed to leave symbols of past and present scientific knowledge.

This exciting route through the history of Leonese science lets travellers discover the masterpieces of industrial architecture built to greet the arrival of the first railway line; on the same site as the first factories in the city-built centuries before. Now, spectacular 21st century architecture shares space with impressive 19th century factory buildings.

Travellers also have the opportunity to see the commemoration of a very important event: the Arts and Sciences fair in Leon, held in the 19th century and which brought together many illustrious scientists in Spain and enabled the country to show the importance of its chemical and pharmaceutical industries to the world at large.

The event was held in a large building that now houses valuable archaeological finds and is a masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance.

The scientific journey ends with what we would call an “industry of life”: a luxuriant park that even now holds memories of past lovers of the world of nature. There, with a little help from science, you’ll discover that the beautiful colours of plant and animal species are just a matter of chemistry.