San Juan y San Pedro

The Fiestas de San Juan y San Pedro, which are held at the end of June, offer all kinds of fun and entertainment in the summer solstice and constitute the big week of the city. They are rightly famous in the province for the participation and willingness of the Leonese people to enjoy themselves. In recent years, the City Government of Leon and the Council have worked on amplifying the programmes of activities and making the festival reach all the districts of the city in order to transmit the magic of the event to all the city’s inhabitants. The visits of the Gigantes y Cabezudos (Giants and Big heads) to each and every part of Leon are always well received, along with other activities such as karaoke, dances, circus shows and street theatre, which have all made the festival reach the door of every home. The high point of the festival is the Night of San Juan, a magical night of bonfires that the people of the city make use of to get rid of all the bad things that might stop them from enjoying the rest of the year by burning them in the fire. Special mention should be made of the firework displays, which are always of an international level in our city, whose population is regarded as the most appreciative and knowledgeable about fireworks in the country. Children can enjoy a daily programme with children’s entertainment workshops, theatre, story tellers and games in which children can participate in the mornings in the districts and in the pedestrian areas of the city in the evening. The children’s activities are very important to the City Council, and that is why we always have the best professionals to provide fun for children with no worries for the parents. And what would a festival be without music? Throughout the week of festivals Leon turns into a leading light for local music, that has attracted a growing number of people thanks to the tremendous variety and quality of music on offer. The festival always includes the latest groups, who perform in the Plaza de Toros or the Plaza Mayor. There is music for all ages and tastes, with musical programmes of jazz, pop-rock, and regional groups and dance troupes that allow people to discover traditional Leonese music. There are seasons of singer songwriters, alternative music, world music and the prestigious flamenco festival. Street theatre is another highlight in the programme: the best international street theatre companies present their shows in a season that is a wonderful festival in itself. We invite you to come along and laugh, enjoy and above all participate in the shows. We always have the very best in festivals for locals and visitors, festivals made by you, for you.

Date of the event

Held between June 20th and June 30th