You can feel it, and what’s more, everyone has the same good feeling when they come to Leon, somewhere where you can enjoy what really matters, what’s authentic.

Stroll around the streets for a day, have a glass of wine with a couple of the famous (and delicious) tapas at one of the city’s bars and restaurants that are always full of life and laughter, do some shopping, try some of the delicious products on offer at shops with a long and honourable traditions of making customers feel loved, take a breather and start all over again. And all this is going on in a world full of culture, in a city full of life that never stops evolving, Leon is a city with one of the largest number of events in Spain: concerts, museums, theatre, festivals, exhibition spaces, sports events, traditions… a place where you’ll never be short of things to do and see.

Leon never ceases to amaze: new buildings and areas of the city, all kinds of cultural and gastronomic trends that come together to offer you experiences you simply have to see and feel. Don’t let them tell you about it, come and see for yourself.

Leon, an extraordinary meeting point of civilisations that makes any visitor feel at home.