Turismo León

You’ll not deny that deep down inside almost everyone has a romantic streak, and that’s why sometimes we seek inspiration for that moment when time stands still and memories can form part of our own store of treasured images. Leon can help you to add to them and let sensations grow with places and experiences full of pleasure, a charm that this land never tires of boasting of. So, grab a suitcase and go on a getaway to this two-thousand-year-old city and enjoy being what you really are; an incurable romantic.

Leon is your collaborator, it’ll help you as you raise your glass to wonderful views of the city, it’ll surround and protect you in the welcoming streets of the old quarter, it’ll add that special touch to your experiences with unforgettable flavours or it could just be a backdrop for your favourite memories. Because, after all, the idea is to participate in your lives by collaborating in those special moments, the only thing you have to do is choose when and how!