Leon is a family destination, proof of this is in the activities designed just for them and for fun with all the family. Some of them you can actively participate in, while there are others you can just choose, sit back and enjoy.

Marco Topo

Marco Topo is a game designed to encourage family tourism in the city. The idea is to go on a route that is fun for the young and not so young along the Roman walls, the Gothic cathedral, the Casa Botines, the Real Colegiata de San Isidoro and the Barrio Húmedo. The focus of the initiative is on tourists with children, because the kids have a great time playing with the app and characters such as Marco, Marta, the Flopis and the evil Doctor Topo Loco.

Take the train

The tourist train is always a great attraction for young and old, a simple and fun way to take a short trip around Leon with locomotive included.

Little guides of the cathedral

The little girl Carmina and Rodrigo the Mole are the guides who take the kids on a visit to the Cathedral. These two characters are the stars of a set of free audio-guides that kids can use to find out more about monuments like these. The audio-guide has five routes that are the same as the ones used by adults, so they can do the routes at the same time. Each one lasts about thirty minutes, and the content is adapted to the language level of children, with the characters acting as guides.


The MUSAC is designed for youngsters, and throughout the year it organises activities that set out to bring kids closer to the world of art. Storytellers, workshops, theatre plays, film seasons, performances and concerts are just some of the events that the gallery offers.

There are other activities such as dramatised visits, nature walks and many other things to do in a province that will delight kids of all ages. The only problem is agreeing on what to choose from.