The Exhibition Centre of Leon is a space given over to conferences, exhibitions, fairs, concerts and other events in the city.

The building has a total useful space for exhibitions of 19,836 m² (9,794 m² above ground level and 10,042 m² below ground level).

The centre is situated on the site of the old sugar mill of Santa Elvira, on a plot of land of approximately 75,800 m², where there are three buildings that make up the “Exhibitions and Conventions Centre of Leon”: the Exhibition Centre and the Palacín (in use) and the Conventions Centre (under construction).

It is bordered by the Avenida de Palencia, the Avenida de Doctor Fleming and the Calle Gómez de Salazar, near the high speed train and bus stations, and is just a short distance from the city itself.

The centre is owned by the City Government of Leon and was designed by the architect Dominique Perrault.

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