New architectural spaces

  • Caja España Building

    Address: Avenida de Madrid (Alto del Portillo)

    The building intended to house the Central Services of Caja España, located in the Madrid Avenue (Alto del Portillo), was designed in 1989 and became the first intelligent building of Castilla y León.

  • Commercial centres

    Address: Bibilis, 12 León 24010

    The commercial offer of León has increased notably in a few years with new shops, restaurants and cinemas.

  • EREN

    Address: Avda. Reyes Leoneses, 11 León 24008

    The Ente Regional de la Energía’s building is an example of energy saving and profit from the renewable energies available in the zone, for it is a bioclimatic building.


    Address: Av. Jose Aguado, 41

    El edificio INTECO alberga un centro de ciberseguridad de carácter innovador y de ámbito nacional, dependiente del Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo a través de la Secretaría de Estado de...

  • Sports Centers

    Address: Abad de Santullán, 2 León 24008

    Both sports facilities and extensive green areas are the places which make cities be a nice place to live in nowadays.

  • The Auditorium City of León

    Address: Av. Reyes Leoneses, 4 León 24008

    This brand-new building - created by architects Emilo Tuñón and Luis Mansilla, who also designed the MUSAC - has found a place among the physiognomy of the city, in a visual dialogue with the...

  • The Building of Serfunle

    The magazine AR+D 2001 The Architectural Review granted this building the V Julio Galán Carvajal Award. Moreover, this building was also finalist during the Premios Saloni de Interiorismo.

  • The Europa Building

    Address: Avda. Reyes Leoneses, 14 León 24008

    Facing the Multiple Use Building of the Council of Castilla y León, the semicircular building that houses multifarious business and services merges with the sky thanks to the sheets of glass covering...

  • The Multiple Use Building

    Address: Avda. Peregrinos, s/n León 24071

    It was inaugurated by the end of the 90ies and has become one of the most outstanding buildings of the city. It is a modern building featuring an impressive façade with lovely windowpanes.

  • The Post Office Building

    Address: Pl. San Francisco, s/n León 24004

    Although at that time it was plain and austere, it symbolised perfectly the new modernity trends.

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