A city to walk

  • Plaza Mayor

    Espacios, lugares, historia, encanto,luz, recuedos.....todo en León.

  • A stroll around León

    León keeps the remains from the Roman ancient walls which protected the city. Known as the “cubes walls” and built in stone and pebbles, the walls are still visible in several zones of the city. The...

  • Fountains

    León has a good set of this combination of sculpture, light and water.

  • Green belts

    During the last years, the number of green belts has increased significantly in León.

  • Squares

    The Plaza Mayor – Main Square, Square of the Grano, Square of the Regla, Square of the Guzmán el Bueno, Square of the San Marcos.

  • Bridges and rivers

    During the last years, the physiognomy of León has witnessed a total reconversion following modern town planning trends trying, to communicate all the areas of the city through new bridges and...

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