• Procession

    León’s Holy Week tradition goes back to the 16th century, although records exist of the Corporation taking part “under maces” in the Official Procession of the Holy Burial on the evening of Good...

  • The Cantaderas

    According to folk tradition this celebration commemorates the Christian victory at the Battle of Clavijo and the liberation from the legendary tribute of the "hundred maidens" that the...

  • The Cabezadas. St Isidore’s Basilica

    The three overdone bows which the councillors make before taking leave of the Basilica Chapter have given rise to the popular name of the ceremony: Las Cabezadas ("The Nods"), much more...

  • Mercado Plaza Mayor

    La Plaza Mayor de León se erigió sobre uno de los primeros e importantes mercados que tuvieron su origen en la época medieval, cercana a la iglesia de San Martín.

  • St Marcellus, Patron Saint of León.

    On Saturday the 29th March 1493, the remains of Centurion Marcellus, found at Tangier, the place of his martyrdom, were brought to León by Ferdinand V. His tombstone said that he was from León, where...

  • San Millán's Vow

    Juan Martínez de San Millán was Bishop of León from 1564 to 1578, when he died and was buried in what is now St Marina’s Church. It is to him that we owe the arrival in León of the Jesuits and the...

  • Mass at the Conceptionists' Convent

    On the 8th December, the Day of the Immaculate Conception, the Corporation, dressed in all its ceremonial finery, and as guest of honour at a religious service, proceeds along Rúa Street from the...

  • Shrine of La Virgen del Camino (Our Lady of the Way)

    The people of León have expressed great devotion to the image of Our Lady of the [St James’s] Way ever since it has been known to exist, especially whenever the city has been through crises, such as...

  • The Miguel Delgado Romantic Walk around León

    The most traditional cultural event of the festivities of St John and St Peter is the Romantic Walk, which was instituted in 1971, although precedents go back as far as 1949, when a literary contest...

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