• Casona Puerta Castillo

    Date: Abril 2014

    Address: Plaza de Puerta Castillo

    La Casona de Puerta Obispo alberga el Centro de Interpretación León Romano.

  • Archaeological crypts

    The richness of León’s archaeological heritage is obvious while strolling around the city. In the Cascalerías street the remains of an Archaeological Crypt were found in the external part of the southwestern angle of the enclosure delimited by the wall of the Cubes.

  • The Episcopal Palace

    This Palace is located in the Regla square, facing the most precious treasure of the city, the Cathedral. The building dates back to the 17th century and has been rebuilt many times as the years went by.

  • Palacete Gaviria

    The Palace of Gaviria houses the headquarters of the official College of Architects of León or COAL. It has been recently restored preserving the genuine construction.

  • The Palace of D. Gutierre

    After its recent restoration, it has become the cultural centre of the Old District. Its baroque architecture dating back to the 17th century preserves previous elements - the families Villafañe and Tapia inhabited the building.

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