Ruta los Campos del Bernesga

Mapa campos del bernesga
Mapa campos del bernesga

The route starts in Cuadros; leaving behind the ancient halt and a few ancient mills, the path continues between the railroad tracks and the river stream.

Route : Cuadros - Cuadros

Category: Low

Length: 2,5 hours

Kilometres : 10

Among fields and black poplars, the track reaches the road from Lorenzana to La Robla. Afterwards, we keep on the same track and follow the road to La Seca. The route continues by the bridge of beams over the Bernesga and arrives at Cabanillas. The way back to Cuadros goes by the same path, after reaching again the road from Lorenzana to La Robla, at the crossroads to Valsemana.

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