Ruta los Caminos de la Trashumancia

Mapa Trashumancia
Mapa Trashumancia

The route starts in the area of Barrio Chico de Villayuste, where a track, among farms and areas of waste ground, takes to Las Eras de Redimil, where cereals used to be threshed.

Route : Barrio Chico de Villayuste - Villayuste

Category: Low

Length: 4 hours and 15 minutes

Kilometres : 16

As one goes forward, the bushes start dominating the landscape, and the traveller has to be really careful with the markers in order to avoid losing the right track. After a small stretch among oak trees, you arrive at the transhumance route. Then, you will climb up to El Viso, where the descent to Lago starts. After the arrival to Lago, the route diverts again at Villayuste, not before crossing a small valley which separates the two towns and where there still remain some ancient waterwheels.

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