Ruta el Cordel de Merinas

Mapa ruta cordel
Mapa ruta cordel

The route starts in Albegas de Luna. The road, which goes parallel to the stream of Arroyo del Cuartero, making a limestone defile, diverts finally in the direction of Mallo de Luna.

Route : Abelgas de Luna

Length: 3,30 Hours

Kilometres : 9

Throughout the route, we can observe grazing lands with flock remains, large grazing lands and samples of karstic activity, like a pothole and various sinkholes. The road contacts with the Merino transhumance route before crossing a few small limestone defiles, known as Las Focicas. From now on, a marked descent starts until the hydroelectric power station of Láncara and the road coming from Sena de Luna. From the power station, the way back follows the road to Albegas.

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