Las Zancas

Las Zancas
Las Zancas

La Omañuela is a small and well conserved village with a traditional scent, situated in the Leonese mountain’s heart, in the region of Omaña. Today, it belongs to the Town Hall from Riello. This Town Hall and the association known as Asociación Cuatro Valles have started, for second consecutive year, the itinerary guided through La Omañuela.

The visitor will have the chance of enjoying a morning right out in the country, discovering, learning and considering the different resources from the zone. It might have been because of its isolation that La Omañuela has kept many of the traditional ways of living, that you will understand better thanks to the presence of a guide person.

The visitor will be able to know the bank and valley’s vegetation, to distinguish the different trees by its features and local names. The oaks, in the oak forests that are typical from this mountain valleys, hold a rich and interesting fauna variety. Some local toponyms will allow the traveller to know the former use given to some places or even to know some things about the local way of talking. Learning to interpret the landscape will be very interesting; why one slope has bushes whereas another slope has oak trees: there is a reason for everything. We will help you discovering them.

The traveller can appreciate the good working of the traditional architecture and the optimizing of the local resources between the village walls. The church, quite simple, the bridge of “tapines”, made as it was usual in the past, the stone houses, with the roof made from rye, the only available material… remind us our rural identity’s recent past.

The sun lounges cultivated with rye that, after being grinded in the traditional windmill, was used to knead a dark and strong bread that was the basis of the people’s diet.

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A guide talking about the zone

This guided route may be followed every Wednesday and Saturday during the months of July, August and September, with a specialist guide that will go with the visitors along the route and will explain different aspects related to the environment, the riverbank and the local habits and folklore. To follow the route, the visitors must get in touch with the bureau Oficina de Cuatro Valles (987 581 666) and, through a symbolic contribution (3,00 € for the adults; children enter free) the organisation covers some of the expenses generated by the activity.

The river is fully natural, without any artificial regulation at the source and it is shown rich and alive in its continuous evolution, growing up during the spring season, after the thaw, and showing the traces from the summer in late September.

The traditional games, "la chita", that gave so many entertainment moments when there was not any other way of having fun in the neighbourhood.

We also have the shanks, one of the identity symbols from Omaña, frequently used until not long before, when there were not many bridges and it was necessary to cross towards the other bank to work the fields.

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