La Braña de la Degollada

Mapa de la Ruta
Mapa de la Ruta

This route starts in Palacios del Sil, where the traveller must cross the river Sil before taking the road to Salientes. After crossing the railway, there is a road that starts a slow and pronounced ascent among millenary chestnut trees.

Route : Palacios del Sil - Palacios del Sil

Category: Low

Length: 3 hours

Kilometres : 10 Kilómetros

First oaks, birch trees and magnificent holly bushes appear soon, representing the mixed forest. The travel must abandon the road and, after a few hundred metres, the first harvest fields and the stone fences from the pastures’ zone show themselves. The zone is almost abandoned although it is well protected by the slope and safe from the north. Some huts still stand. To go back to Palacios, the traveller must retrace the previous steps.

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