El Oro de Roma - Las Omañas

El Oro de Roma - Las Omañas
El Oro de Roma - Las Omañas

These route that goes round the "Miédolas" from Las Omañas, will discover for the traveller a different and surprising landscape, made by the intelligence and the human effort. Enjoy a nice walk to discover the gold’s secret and its opencast by the Romans.
Learn to use the oldest technique to look for gold.

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Route map
Map from the route : "El Oro de Roma" (Rome’s Gold)

The route takes place on every Monday and Saturday morning, during July, August and September.

Material : It is advisable to wear clothes and footwear suitable to go through the countryside, a hat to protect from the sun and slip-flop for the water.

Price : Free for children, 3 € for adults.

To follow the route, the visitors must book in the office of Cuatro Valles, where they will get some more information.

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