Routes in León

  • QR El León húmedo, ver y dejarse ver

    “Húmedo” means wet, or damp, here in reference to the availability of something to drink

  • The Jewish Route. Sefarad's Fingerprints

    In 1196 Castro was devastated Bridge and his aljama moved to León's City, delimited for current Major Plaza, of Holy Ana and of the Grain.
    Many names remember his commercial past, Shoe stores,...

  • Plaza of the Grain

    Though the construction of the public sources(fountains) assumes his(her,your) development in the 17th century, under the reign of Carlos III, the origins of the water supply to León's city already...

  • Plaza of San Isidoro

    Eight urban sculptures are a cultural testimony to some of the traditions, historical landmarks and famous people of León. Statues began to appear on the streets of León at the beginning of the 20th...

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