Pilgrimage to Santiago stages

  • First stage of the pilgrimage to Santiago in the Province of León starts in the municipality of Sahagún. The pilgrim comes from Carrión de los Condes, in the province of Palencia, and reaches this leonese village through the Alto del Carrasco.

  • Depending on the decision made, the pilgrim will be able continue through 2 different paths: either Vía Trajana or Camino Real Francés.

  • There are 17 km between Mansilla de las Mulas and León, the capital of the province. The way is full of bridges. Just as we leave Mansilla de las Mulas, we cross a medieval one over the river Esla. The pilgrim walks little further of 1 km through the A-road Nacional 601 and then comes a gravel road that goes parallel to the A-road.

  • The distance of 22 km that separates León from Villadangos del Páramo runs through different road surfaces, taking in turns the A-road Nacional 120 and some gravel roads, specially open for the pilgrims.

  • Villadangos del Páramo is one of the longest stages of the pilgrimage to Santiago in the Province of León. There is 26 km away from Astorga.

  • The Cathedral’s Square makes a good starting point. We will cross through calle Leopoldo Panero and Puerta Obispo to reach San Pedro de Afuera St. Then we will leave the city of Astorga and, after driving along the Nacional VI, we will head for the LE-142 road (it is a B road).

  • The pilgrim will have to cover 32 km, the longest stage of the pilgrimage to Santiago while crossing the Province of León.

  • We start near by the Basílica de la Encina to cross through the street calle Mateo Garza. Then we go on through the Paseo Huertas del Sacramento, towards Compostilla and its church Nuestra Señora del Refugio.

  • The 25,5 kilometres between Villafranca del Bierzo and La Laguna de Castilla are the last to be covered by the pilgrim in the Province of León. We leave Villafranca through the street calle del Agua and reach the bridge over the river Burbia.

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